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Belief System – Theme And Construction

As one of the principles of belief system, unlike mere theme of topic, subject of talk, or an artistic piece. Consists of the individual’s ambition and the impact of the ambition to the society.

So it’s necessary for one to thoroughly extinguish any part of the theme that will be of negative impact to the society, because the ‘source’, in which one would desire to activate his or her  belief system, might not permit a theme that will be disastrous to the society.

As I stated in ‘copyright’, the individual has to be mindful of the characters he or she is choosing to equip the theme with. And two bodies of this theme are:


What is the dream or goal that you have foresighted and thus, building this belief system in order to attain it?

What characters do you have in order to get there? Is your character social friendly or harmful? All these are questions one needs to ask oneself before stretching out oneself arms to attain a height in life.

Most times we don’t have the good characters to be in great heights, which is one of the reasons some heights seems too high for us to attain in life, because the ‘source’ we choose doesn’t permit such characters.

So it’s important for one to develop characters that are social friendly and of value to the people and not characters that will harm the society. Most times we have the right visions, but with the wrong characters. And if found ourselves in leadership positions, we often turn out to be tyrants.


Of what purpose is your vision, especially to the society? If you become who you are aspiring to be, what impact would it generate? Will it make or mar the people, or is it for self aggravating?

If your vision is for an ingeniune mission, most times it feels like stretching out one’s hands to catch the wind. You’d age trying to climb a height because your mission is disastrous.

Before you embark on any mission, make sure the purpose of that mission is genuine and thus will not have a negative, after, or side effects to the people or society at large.

As an element of the principle, ‘Theme’, depicts the arrangements of one’s  ‘characters’ in accordance to the visions they can drive to reality in order to achieve the mission. Thus, if you write your characters down which serves as your features of being a person, you’d be able to know what visions you can channel them to.

And in construction one has to choose the right tools, so as to erect a perfect structure.

So the arrangements of characters helps one in extinguishing those that will melt out negativities to the public about oneself.

(E.g) If you have the ‘features’ of leadership, you can become a ‘good leader’ in order to ‘change the society’.

In the above sentence;

Features                  = Characters
Good leader            =  Vision
Change the society =  Mission

Quote of the day; If you have the right characters, you can fulfil your vision and achieve your mission.


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