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Belief System – Introduction

I don’t know what you’ve been or were taught at school, regards ‘belief system’. But I tell you, most of those theories propounded by ‘Ancient Philosophers’, have no factual historical background, especially applying them in this modern time.

And some of us really don’t know how ‘belief system’ works, or have less or no knowledge about it, depends on one’s academic background. And the knowledge of ‘belief system’, in this modern society is very important, especially in building oneself.

‘Belief system’, can be said as a system of belief that guides an individual or group of persons or organisation. When it has to do with ‘collective’ terms as such as group of persons or organisation, it can be seen as principles or lay-by rules that governs the belief of those in the association, be it a religious organisation or otherwise.

But when ‘belief system’ has to do with an individual, it’s highly crucial for that individual to give it a maximum attention, because belief system can make or mar you. That’s who you are. Your ideology, your principle, your whole being as a person. Your belief system is what guides your life.

Depends on the period in one’s life, when one uncovers the necessity of living by the principle and elements of one’s ‘belief system’ in embarking on the journey of life. Then it’s of high importance that one constructs and carves it perfectly before publishing or launching it.

It’s also important to note that living by the ‘belief system’, is not an easy task, but the reward is of inestimable value, as it will not only guide your fate, but will equally launch you in a well carved and planned future.

I don’t know the level of success on your journey of life at the moment, but if you think things are not working out as it should be, and you believe you are not supposed to be where you are now, your vision seems unattainable and thus you can’t fulfil your mission, then you really need to embark on a journey of ‘discovering yourself’, perhaps, you can scroll through my older posts to catch up or subscribe to always get newsletters.

Every theory is propounded by a Philosopher, and some theories don’t work. But any theory that works when applied in our lively dealings, should be considered a fact.

Every system or factor, has its own principles and elements and ‘belief system’ as a body or agent that guides ‘who we are’ and ‘our worldly dealings’, has its own unique principles and elements, that makes it a complete and perfect structure. And thus should be applied in our lives in order to equip us on the journey of success.

In my own ‘theory’, that consists of personal experience and factual practices. I’ve structured a complete theory of ‘belief system’ that I’m not and will never be in doubt of the capability of its ‘5’ principles and ‘5’ elements. Remember, ‘capability is the power to generate an outcome’.

It wouldn’t be an easy one, and it’s a topic that will absolutely exhaust some days, but the knowledge is worth sharing and this is where I derive my joy.

To read about the first’principle’ and ‘element’ of ‘belief system’, click here. Every principle has its own element.

PRINCIPLE                   ELEMENT
Copyright                     Purchase
Theme                          Construction
Source                          Authority
Sacrifice                       Review
Preview                        Publish

Ironically, as per contradictions between the principles, is that you can’t work on one without considering it’s effects on others, else you’d be building a ‘belief system’ in a faulty foundation which will eventually collapse.

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