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Belief system – Copyright And Purchase

As a right or law that proves an entity’s ownership of a product. Thus, gives one the right to determine who may print, publish or distribute one’s product, piece of writing, music, picture or other work of authorship.

Means a different thing to my theory of ‘belief system’, Copyright; as the first principle in ‘belief system’, is ones authority given to oneself to determine or design who one desires to be and create rules that governs oneself.

As the act or process of seeking and obtaining something. The acquisition of title, property in anything for price; buying for money or its equivalent.

As an element of the copyright, in ‘belief system’. Means ones ability to accept the copyright or idle designated rules that will guide the idle entity who one is aspiring to become thus by adopting the theory of ‘belief system’.

Now is important to categorically specify the contents of this ‘copyright’, one is about to purchase.

* Who you are:

You don’t share it with anybody. You are about building your ‘belief system’, and it’s crucial to always remind yourself that you don’t share it with anybody, i.e. it calls for no amendment at the thought of anyone, friend, loved one or family member that might have special attachment to it. Thus, your personal ‘rule of life’ can’t be changed in order to contain certain set of person/s.

* Uniqueness:

Don’t aspire to be anybody. Instead, aspire to be your greater self.  Don’t look at anybody ‘s image while carving the image of your idle greater self. Make your idle personality outstanding and unique, so you wouldn’t be perhaps regarded as trying to step into another person’s shoes in the latter. It’s your life, your uniqueness and your ideology. Carve it in possessive manner!

* Personality trait

Personality depicts characteristics of a person seen as a whole, thus personality traits are those attributes that differs an individual’s character from another’s. Which is reason identical twins can be differentiated by their individual characters.

Use your own character in building your ‘belief system’, but before applying them into the ‘Theme’, be sure it wouldn’t have a negative effect on other ‘Principles’.

Next – we’ll be discussing about the ‘Theme’ as a principle and ‘Construction’ as the element.

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