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Giving It Back To Society

Haven attended a great height in life, and knowing that there are people in the level you were once before, it’s important to touch their lives as you would have wished someone touched yours during the journey of your greatness.

That is one of the essence of life, no investment can be greater than ‘human investment’, helping people to realize their dreams in life. Haven passed through the experience and gathered enough knowledge that equipped you in reaching your dream.

Inspiring others and sharing your experience with them, in order to push them to the right channel, is a way of giving it back to society.

And in a situation where your greatness is attached to the lots of financial benefits, using the finance to build the society and engage in Non Governmental Organizations, in order to help those that are incapacitated in one way or the other from reaching their goals, due to health challenges, is another way of giving it back to society.

It’s not by your strength that you are where you are now, and the intelligence that guided your planning was from a divine source and for a purpose, and helping those in need can be one of those purposes why fate made you successful.

It doesn’t only take finance to build people, most times our words does. The encouragement the successful gives to those trying to climb the ladder of success, can serve as a pillar to support their quest and a map to guide their route. Don’t hesitate to inspire or motivate people around you, especially when you know you are more successful than them in the journey of success.

Those you meet on your way up the ladder of success, can be the ones to help you when disaster strikes and you find yourself stumbling down the ladder. Our tomorrow is always unpredictable.

Building people is like fixed deposit in the bank, though not everyone you build will show appreciation, but don’t build people because you want their appreciation, but because destiny allows you to.

Wherever you are today, someone was there yesterday, and another person will be there tomorrow. Nobody knows whom the person will be. The person might be the one you underrated today. So be cautious of how you treat people when you are up.

Giving it back to society, gives us the emotional freedom for peaceful coexistence, knowing that peoples around us are happy like us.

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