Living Your Dream!

Assuming you have discovered your potential, nurtured and lunched it. You are now where you are supposed to be. Living your dream, means arriving at your aspired place in life. Where you have imagined being and work hard to climb the ladder.

How do you remain there? It might appear as a simple question, but it’s very essential to know how to remain at your aspired place in life without stumbling. Some people had climbed the ladder of success in life, only to stumble after some years, why?

It’s very important to know that what keeps one moving in life, and climbing the ladder of success is ‘focus’. ‘Life focus’, is beyond the mere meaning of focus, as concentration or attention.

This is the kind of focus that keeps you away from distraction of climbing the success ladder. Most times when we are still down, it’s always difficult to get people that will help lift us up.

But when they see you climbing, that’s when they come claiming to be friends and well-wishers, bringing different set of ideas to you. “Why you don’t do it this way?”, “why you don’t do it that way?”, but remember, these people saw you struggling to climb that success ladder, and couldn’t give you a hand up.

They couldn’t give you a hand up because they don’t share the same dream with you, thus they don’t believe in your dream. Remember it’s your dream and passion, it takes success to convince them of how sure you were about the journey before you embarked  on it.

So why suddenly they are offering you assistance and different set of ideas and advice? But these were ideas and advice, you needed when you were still down, and it wasn’t forthcoming before you embarked on the journey of discovering yourself and your potential.

So at this point it’s very crucial to know that distraction is coming, to take you away from the life you are building and bring your steps back from the ladder of success.

‘Focus’, is the watch word. Refuse to be distracted. You already built your ‘belief system’.
You now have your personal rules and principles that keep you going and walking in your own path.

Since you have been climbing this ladder and never stumble, what makes you think you will stumble now if you don’t heed to their ideas and advice? Since those ideas didn’t come when you needed them, looking back now shouldn’t be an option at all.

Continue moving, don’t regard them as enemies but regard them as tools of distraction, because some ares tools of distraction, even without knowing it.

The truth is that you won’t stumble if you don’t apply their ideologies, they have seen your zeal and determination, and it beats their imagination, they never believed you’d embark on this journey alone.

Now they want to share from your success story, the quality of the thinking that guides the intelligence of the ideas they are giving you, is too low from the quality of thinking that guided the degree of your intelligence to have brought you this far in life.

Stick to your own ideology and don’t look back, focus keeps you climbing the success ladder on the quest of ‘living your dream‘, because it’s your dream and your potential is taking you there, if you apply their ideologies that means you don’t believe in your potential enough.

You might find yourself in another route that will launch your potential in another dream very different from the dream you had. And this will be a dream you never imagined let alone dreaming it, it’s not your path.

The importance of ‘self discovery‘, is for everyone to discover him or herself and trace their own destiny path. Now you’ve traced your own and living your dream. Refuse to be distracted, else you would have labored in vain seeing yourself in another dimension of life.

If they really want to share from your success story, but never believed in your dream enough to embark on the journey with you, perhaps because they undermined your potential, let them wait when you are ‘giving to society‘, you’ll definitely touch their lives positively.

They can reap from the fruit of the journey, even when they were not part of it. That’s part of ‘giving to society’, which we’ll soon discuss and also the last element in ‘Principle of life‘.

Remember when ‘Mark Zuckerberg’, the CEO of Facebook, called three of his friends to a room meeting on how to develop a social media platform. One walked away because he didn’t believe in Mark’s dream and the ability of his potential to drive the dream to reality.

But for the two that participated, I’m sure they are reaping the fruit now. And for the one that walked away, he’s also reaping the fruit by having a Facebook account but wasn’t part in the journey that brought the dream to reality.

So not everyone will believe or team up with you to bring your dream to reality, using your own potential. Some would prefer their potential being used, even when is not nurtured enough.

So for you that possesses a ‘nurtured potential‘, it’s highly crucial that you refused to be distracted, thus continue building and living your dream, till you arrive at the top of the ladder and start ‘giving to society‘.

Next, we’ll be discussing the last but not the least element of ‘principle of life‘ as ‘giving to society‘.

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