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Paying Honor To Whom Honor Is Due

It might not make sense, but I’m really humbled to write this guys. I’m saying a ‘Big welcome to my blog’. Writing is one thing, but having someone to read is the most crucial thing. I appreciate each one of you that have taken time to go through my posts, regardless of my grammatical blunders and typographical errors, I feel humbled.

When I look at the statistic of my site and see that my posts are being read in, EU, US, UK, RSSA,GER, SA, NGA, BGRA,ZIM,CHNA,AUSA, and other Nations, I feel humbled and motivated, to summon the zeal to seek more inspiration from the source of inspirations.

I say a big ‘Thank you’, this is where my joy comes from. I don’t post much of documentaries and news at the moment, not that I don’t have access to them. But there’s more in my soul that I want to share because I know it will definitely help someone because I know the source where the inspiration comes.

That brings me to the purpose of this write up; Introduction of my blog to you my fans, family, friends, well-wishers, and the world at large. I personally designed the blog myself, I never did it before.

And the ‘definitive purpose’ of it, is ‘Inspiration’, other categories of it, is to fulfill the righteousness of ‘blogging’, else I’m not in doubt of my ability to keep inspiration rolling nonstop  till ‘thy Kingdom comes’, because the ‘Sun’ never stops shinning.

And true knowledge and inspirations comes from the sun when God release his power on the universe. I know not everyone believes in God. But regardless of science, God is real except proven otherwise at the judgement day, but till then let’s acknowledge his existence and constant touching of our souls through the power of the sun.

Looking at the ‘Logo’ of my Blog, you will see how the sun reflects on the grasses, even the power could be seen in darkness, that’s how it reflects on our souls, I know not everyone might believe this, but there’s always great inspiration and spiritual strength that comes by meditating ‘with’ the sun.

I wrote ‘with’, and not ‘under’, the sun, because they are different things. Meditating under the sun means sitting under the sun in your moments of meditation, but meditating with the sun, means engaging the sun in your meditation.

Depends on your religion, but me as a Christian I pray during that moment with a very peaceful heart and the knowledge of not offending anyone in Life, thus living a ‘Saint’ like kind of lifestyle in my dealing with people, so I can maintain my inner peace.

A peaceful heart is a resting place for insight, knowledge and inspiration.

Once again ‘Welcome’ to my Blog guys, I promise to keep you entertained with my writings that are based in factual practices, in everyday living.

Thank You.

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