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Launching Your Potential


Every positive step in life, is nothing but a stepping stone to greatness. Now you have what is required of greatness. The ‘nurtured potential‘! How nurtured is your potential? Are you ready to launch now or still afraid? Rise above your ‘FEAR’, and regard it as ‘False Evidence About Reality’. The moment you conquer your fear, courage steps in and that is what you need to launch your ‘nurtured potential’, because nobody will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. There’s always that tinny voice, telling you that you’ll be undermined and others have better potentials than you. Shun that voice!

That is the voice of deception trying to bring you down into doubting your abilities, tell that voice; I know my worth! I know where I belong!, and I know what I have inside!

Go out from your comfort zone. Nobody recognizes a sitter in a mammoth of standing people. You need to stand up for what you believe in.

I always say, if you want to marry a lawyer go to where lawyers hang out, if you want to marry a doctor go to where doctors hang out, likewise any profession you are interested in, go to place you’ll meet those in that profession. All it takes for you to convince them of your abilities and capabilities, is the ‘nurtured potential’.

Remember your ‘ability’, means being able to do it, and ‘capability’, means being able to generate an outcome. Don’t worry about the task ahead, that ‘potential’ will definitely see you through, what is required of you, is to believe in yourself and your potential.

Meet that your ‘destiny helper’. Destiny helper is one who helps another to attain their dreams in life. They are everywhere, most of them are successful people that understand the importance of ‘giving to society’. Otherwise, known as human investment.

But they can’t go about searching for people with potentials to help them launch their potential, you have to go out there, in that field where your potential aligns.

If you don’t find a ‘destiny helper’, don’t worry you still have what it takes to start small in that field, except you are afraid of starting small, else starting small in life equips one with the experiences that will always serve as backup when disaster strikes as it often does.

But you know how you started, thus you can always begin again. But those that attain greatness with already made substance often doesn’t stand the wind of disaster when it blows. Because they don’t know what it means to build, and thus living in already built.

Every ‘nurtured potential‘, evolves around the zeal to try out something and keep moving, it will never let you rest, and that is your ‘soul’, at work, trying to bring you to your dream. All is required is ‘patience’ and ‘perseverance’, and don’t let starting small demoralize you from attainment of the greatness ahead of you.

Some will never attain that great height because they are afraid of starting small. If the society doesn’t count you, count yourself because you belong to this society. And you can be whatever you aspire to be as long as you have the ‘potential’ it requires.

So ‘lunching your potential‘, means being ready to practice what you’ve trained and equipped yourself for. And in practicing, one doesn’t have to arrive at success immediately.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, the owner of amazon online store, started with selling books in the garage. And today he’s one of the world’s most successful business men.

That ‘nurtured potential‘ is all you need, and the determination to always strive regardless of how many times you get disappointed. Your dream is worth the perseverance. Don’t give up! You’ll surely arrive for as long as your dream is in accordance with what your soul wants for you.

Fate plays its role, so always listen to your soul, for the soul will always guide and take you to right places at the right time.

The body is nothing but only a passenger of the soul who is the driver.

NEXT; We’ll be discussing ‘living your dream‘.

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