This is who I am!


I’m living my life. Are you living your life? Where do you derive your joy from? Are you happy with yourself? If your answer to all these questions is in deformation then you really need to straighten them, because that’s who you are! You can’t run away from yourself. Don’t blame God or say your enemies are using voodoo against you. Voodoo doesn’t exist. What exist is your belief and your plans, coupled with your faith and ability to persevere without losing focus. That is your strength and the pillar that supports your dream! The watch word is, don’t lose focus!

When you create a clear picture of what you want inside your mind, and you can clearly see it with your mind’s eyes. That is your soul talking to you. You can attain it!

When your soul is in alignment with your dream, the soul goes ahead to create experiences that your body will go through in order to become who you dream to be, because the soul sees it even before your mind conceived it.

These experiences are what will equip you when you are ‘giving to society‘. Don’t run away from them, you only have to be positive in thinking, don’t look for the easier way out. Your dream is worth the battle. Fight it!

We don’t decide what happens in our lives, our fate does. We only fight as humans but the approval to succeed comes from the thought of ‘giving to society‘.

Our soul feels the soul of others, more than our body does. The soul knows when we are searching for the truth, and helps us in finding them. Feed your soul with positivism!

If you can’t join in repairing the world, don’t join in the destruction. God sees everything and knows when our soul is in need of bringing our dreams to us. Only seek God, and he will guide your soul all the way of revelations and bringing your dreams to you outwardly just for the world because the true success is in spirit.

The foundation of our belief system should always be in constant repair, because most times others inflict our belief system with virus from their belief system which might not work for us or change our focus to start seeing things in their own perspective.

The belief system is like a PC and should always be scanned with antivirus, to make sure it still abides by your own ideology and function so, it doesn’t redirect you to another path.

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