Developing Africa – Modern Way Colonialism?

After going through the comments on the Facebook post of Christian Lindner, the Berlin FDP leader. On his suggestion that Germany buys a rainforest in South America and Asia to protect the climate, “We spend about 28 billion for the promotion of renewable energy in this country, which bring nothing to the climate”, he told the news portal. An average African that understands the effects of underdevelopment in Africa wouldn’t focus on the mindset of modern enslavement on one’s thought of developing Africa and a way to fight global warming.

“Our Mind Is Playing Us a Game”. Going through the comments on Christian Lindners suggestion on Facebook, on development in Africa, Asia and South America.

I realised that people are different and thoughts are different, the racist comments on his suggestion shows we are seen as not to understand the importance of development thus believing that any kind of development from Germany is a modern way of enslavement and colonialism which makes us desert dwellers.

You can agree with me that some people are not diplomatic and can’t pass unaggressive information, I don’t see them as racists, rather undiplomatic, which I regard as personality traits.

But the truth remains we need development in this continent and some of us still believe is such ideology of ‘development to be modern way colonialism’, I could have agreed with such ideology if we are in the 19th century during the time of our forefathers, the world is more exposed and enlightened now.

What can be worse than the enslavement by our so-called ‘leaders’, our own people. They are the ones making the continent human unfriendly for us, inflicting hardship on the citizens and have refused to embrace development from external factors so that we will continue dwelling in perpetual agony as they are busy investing and training their children abroad. Are we not doomed already?

When the lion goes out and the tiger comes in, what difference does it make? We are already enslaved by our own people and we need those external factors to rescue us. We need massive development in Africa.

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