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What Are You Reading


When reading ability becomes higher than writing ability, authors and publishers manipulates the world and controls people’s mindset. They will engage you on a research, and you really want to find out the truth, isn’t? You embark on a research both in public libraries and online, researching articles and topics written by other authors in their own way and understanding, to achieve a particular purpose at that time. Pause a while and think.

The theory of the content you want to apply its principle to your life and equip your mindset with it, is it a proven fact or hypothesis?

Is the author still presuming or the facts of the author’s or publisher’s theory, proven? Or is it still a hypothesis?

Are you buying unfinished products to equip a house you intend to live in for a long time? Don’t you think it will collapse? I mean your mindset. It can’t stand the test of time.

Some authors write to make money or gain fame, some write to share a personal experience or pass a knowledge, and others write for many reasons and so on, only but a few really goes extra miles to arrive at a conclusion, thereby proven their theories to be factual.

So there are many authors in the world and many contents in libraries, bookshops, online, anywhere just name it. And those content serves different purposes at different times and not suitable for everyone’s mindset, depends on the content you are reading.

Most contents will refer you to other contents which are both hypothesis with different theories. You still have not found the truth, but you’ve found what you can use to criticize or oppose your rivals.

There are many topics with ungraded and nonfactual history, many authors will narrate it as they deem fit to the best of their knowledge and length of their research.

So it’s crucial for you that is at the receiving end to sensitize yourself on the theories of the content, as to ascertain its actuality, and not dwelling on uncertainty you have believed to be true. You can go extra mile if you have the zeal but don’t be amazed when  you don’t have a conclusion as the author.

The truth remains some theories we have believed to be facts are based on presumptions.

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