Make Africa Great — Open Letter To ‘EU’


I have great concern for Africa and ideas on how to make Africa better to avoid citizens migrating all over the world both illegally in search of greener pastures.
Ours is a continent in distress begging for help and the help is not forthcoming because we have bunched of greedy and selfish corrupt leaders that only cares about themselves and their families, which is reason Africa is still underdeveloped and also in abject poverty, because money doesn’t circulate as the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

The less privileged ones who can not survive the poverty and sufferings in Africa runs to Europe, America and other parts of the world for survival.

Now, what happens if there’s no solution to this problem? Have you wondered how crowded EU,US,China and other devolved nations at large, would be in years to come with the refugees from Africa?

So it is within my conviction that EU leaders are ones to impact change and put a stop to the mess going on in Africa. I mean, it is the Europeans that first trooped into Africa and handicapped us from early exposure, so if things goes wrong here I believe it’s same Europeans that will put it in order.

Event has gone beyond wrong. Now, it is worse! The millions of Euros, pounds, and dollars that our leaders earn from exporting our mineral resources to Europe and America will be more than  enough to develop Africa and make it a living place, but it’s so painful that those sums are being used by some group of selfish leaders for their own personal purposes as they are competing the richest amongst them, whereas the citizens are suffering.

There are few or no skill acquisition centers in Africa,
No job opportunities for graduates,
No technology,
Poor medical facilities,
No sound education, the quality of education in Africa is too poor.

And worse still we have leaders that belong to analogue world, leaders that have been presidents since independence and during military era and still presidents till age of 80s and 90s, so tell me, how can we develop?

I believe if Africa can be made a better place, there wouldn’t be refugees roaming the streets of Europe for survival.

…And yes, change can emerge, it starts from EU giving this letter an urgent attention. If there could be a conference with African leaders where this issues can be addressed, I wouldn’t mind putting shame on their faces.

We are suffering upon all our resources, is it not better to develop and equip us to survive in this continent with the resources we have, instead of trading with our leaders behind us? What use are resources when we are not developed and have no jobs?

I can go on and on but then you wouldn’t be able to read all. I solicit your support in making Africa a better place, I know it’s not your duty or your continent, but, a positive cooperation of EU with African leaders would make a great impact . Africa is a beautiful place but bad leadership destroys it.

In a continent where the soil is too fertile for farming, there’s a need of providing the people with the basic agricultural machinery to enable them engage in a large scale farming, because, when people export their agricultural produce abroad for business, without having enough at home, it can lead to starvation. Because mostly in Africa, people engage in private farming sector because they don’t have the necessary machinery to engage in commercial farming that can enable them have enough agricultural produce for export purposes.

Germany, being one of the world’s Original Equipment Manufacturing Countries, especially machinery, have a major role to play in the Agricultural sector in Africa, if they can work hand in hand with the African government (at the same eyes-height), by establishing Agricultural farms in Africa that can employ the African citizens and engage them in large scale farming. Most of the European companies in Africa works with only Europeans, which is quite unfair. And worse still, unequivocal before justice, because we are handicapped and our leaders are nothing but toys in the hands of International leaders.

Case study of Nigeria, that has a perfect soil for rice, tomatoes, potatoes, cassava, yam and onions, and lots of other agricultural produce that the soil’s fertility is perfect for. But yet, the country only focuses on oil and other mineral resources, because they don’t have the basic machinery to engage in commercial agriculture, because this machinery is very expensive and not what an individual can afford.

Nigerian cassava and yam can be used not only as food, but also in production of flour, pasta, noodles e.t.c. While the tomatoes can be produced into tin and tomato paste. As the local rice, can be washed with machine to give it the international standard of foreign rice.

So, Germany has a better opportunity to have companies in Africa, that refines the local agricultural produce to consumable level for export purposes.

Now the two channels of business here that can help provide jobs in Africa, is the agricultural farm and the company that refines the agricultural products.

Most of this raw agricultural produce have less value in Africa, as people do not have companies that can refine them to finished and consumable level. Thus, still importing rice, tomato paste, pasta, flour and other finished agricultural products from countries across the globe. But these are things Africa can produce and export.

It is always said that, “justice delayed, is justice denied.”

Make African Continent Great!

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