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Until Nigerian politicians regards politics as a vocation to serve and not a sphere of purposeful behavior through which they can give themselves and their loved ones a better tomorrow, no change in our economic situation will ever emerge whether Biafra or not.

Our leaders remained the same, the system has been corrupted from the grassroots.

Nigeria was a country in distress begging for help. The problem facing Nigeria is not what one person can solve, it needs a collective effort.

Should one person allocate to himself the absolute knowledge of the solution to the problem facing a country then something is wrong with his mentality.

We need a good leader that can move our nation forward and in the path of progress irrespective of his tribe.

Since independence, we have been having same calibers of people for leaders. OUTDATED MEN!

We need vibrant, energetic and God-fearing youths to take over the mantle of leadership in government places but THE OLD MEN will never give the YOUTHS the chance and the youths are busy demonstrating their angers on social media platforms with high epistemological, terminological, and grammatical expression. But grammar doesn’t solve the problem.

The youths should wise up and cast their votes wisely. NO YOUTH CONTESTANTS, NO VOTE!

Let all the youths support a youth because the tomorrow’s future belongs to today’s youth. Those old men had their time since 1960 yet Nigeria still look like an abandoned property.

Please get your PVC’s ready let’s vote them out and move Nigeria forward!

Is Your PVC Ready?

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