CULTISM? A Maniac In Our Psyche!


One might have asked what prompted me to write about my involvement in cult activities, in my article; Have You Discovered Your Potential?

Back at school, I was such a brilliant student, in fact I do not need to study in order to pass my exams. That’s how brilliant I was, but, yet I came out without graduating, why? In as much as I lost interest academically, something triggered it!

Something made my heart went cold. No longer did I feel the academic environment, I felt a war zone.

When your friends are being shot, butchered and tortured into critical health problems or death, will you still feel safe in such environment?

Now listen to my story. I know it might hurt many, but remember this is my ‘Blog’. I paid for it in order to be disseminating the ‘Truth ‘,

We gained admission in 2009, but before then the first, second and, third batches which was the last batch, had come out without the inclusion of my name. And what I dreaded most was to stay another gap at home and rewrite ‘Jamb’, otherwise known as ‘Matric’ in some part of the world.

I resorted to series of fasting and prayer because I really needed to be in school at same time with my mates. I had repeated primary one class (grade one), during when my mates went a class ahead of me, before I buckled my academic sandals and said if it’s “A race let’s run it”, before I finished primary school I had won prizes in different grades.

So I couldn’t let that happen again that my mates goes ahead of me. I resorted to several fasting and praying, and even going to prayer houses. One Pastor, Pastor Chinagorom. From Imo State, Nigeria. He’s a blessed memory,  may his soul rest in peace. Amen.

That Pastor saw the future for me, but I couldn’t see it coming, and it almost consumed me like a blazing fire. But I’m glad God held me, and said “I am not finished with you.”

The Pastor said, and I quote “Nzube, God doesn’t want to disappoint your faith in him, he has seen your pains and your impatience, another batch will come out, and your name will be inclusive, but there’s a reason God doesn’t want you to gain admission. Your curiosity will lead you to cultism and then you will, die!.”

I rejoiced for the positive vision which was, ‘I will gain admission’, as for the joining cultism,  before then, in fact from secondary school I’ve started asking if Nelson Mandela was the founder of Neo Black Movement, otherwise known as Black Axe in Nigerian campuses, and also if Wole Soyinka was the founder of Pirates confraternity, and if I joined any of those associations, I can get to meet one of those great men.

I had a lot of curiosity to I wanted to investigate, thus I didn’t know what I thought to have been an Association was what the Pastor related as ‘Cult’. So I waved it.

And the part of impatience happened, before my name came out I already paid N100,000, to admission agent I didn’t even know if he was real because at a point he didn’t know what to tell me again regards the name that didn’t come out, I continued praying, my name came out when the school was almost finishing the first semester of the first year. To tell you God never wanted to give me that admission. But I insisted. Always stick to will of God!

What am I saying,  do you know my name didn’t even come out when I went to the matric, and with faith I took a picture with the  matric gown and believed my name will come out.

And it did, no matter how late, I started doing my clearance and admission process with the ‘swagger’, of a year one student in the University, I saw myself in another different world where I’m out of control of anyone or even my family. My own apartment, my own lifestyle.

I met different friends, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. I was introduced to a lot of things. Now I can investigate my curiosity, isn’t? Others wait to be invited to ‘cultism’ or ‘gangsterism’ maybe because of their tough potentials, but I went for it.

I wanted to change the society by being a ‘Freedom fighter’, I hated the injustice melted out to people in the Universities in fact that’s what I went there to fight, upon my entrance in the University, I have started pasting articles around the campus, in the classrooms, in the mini market, around the library and different areas in the campus.

Correcting people’s mindset, writing about disadvantages of cultism like, rape, alcoholism,  armed robbery, and so on, name it.

I made friends that belonged to a certain group and as time went on I’m already a member, I found out that in the ‘midst ‘ of them were people like me that really want to change the society. But the voice of bad ones out numbers the voice of the good ones, thus no matter what good you can say or make them change their mindset, nobody will listen to you, because of a certain rule and blood oaths that guide the confraternity.

I realized I’ve lost my way, I remembered what the Pastor said and worse still the person that lead me to it is a very dedicated one, and wouldn’t listen to my positive thoughts.

That’s when I started to ask God his will for me, because cultism is a do-or-die affair, once you are in, you must be fully involved, is either you are active or you are using money or academic performs of writing exams for the active ones as substitute for your in activeness.

I could no longer satisfy my curiosity, the gangs were always fighting with the opposing gangs. But yet some members are highly dedicated to the rules why the associations were formed. “To fight social injustice”.

The men who founded these Associations were men of calibers which they did to unite Africa, it was never a campus game, but rather a political association.

‘The rules have become voided’, what was thought to be a political association that united lecturers  and students in the university levels have turned out to be a gang were some ‘evil eggs in the society hide out to exhibit their evil deeds’.

“And no matter how positive you are or God-fearing, if you belong to an Association that doesn’t give God glory, then you have fallen short of His grace and needs to retrace your step.”

That is when I thought of going home to think what to do with my life. I wasn’t expelled from school,  I committed no crime, in fact my involvement in the Association made me to meet new people that were positive like me, but we are in the wrong organizations because nobody wants to hear the name and some people are exploiting it to fulfill their selfish desires.

Some are money mongers, they can rob to any level to have money at their everyday disposal. Some are sexually frustrated, they can rape anything under the skirt. In fact the number of the positive ones are nothing comparing to those that wants to do evil. I never did any evil and when it was getting hotter, I left the campus.

Before I left there was an Anti-cult parade that encouraged students to do a free will cult renunciation, which I went and also received a Bible from the University Vice Chancellor.

So during the parade some might have thought me to be expelled which nobody was expelled, but I found myself on double path that headed nowhere. Both my course of study, don’t get me wrong. I love the course, but what is on the textbooks and handouts were very different from politics of practice in Nigeria. And then my cult involvement which can take my life anytime, because when there’s war in another campus, the rival gangs can come to your own campus to revenge, which can take unaware.

On November 2012, there was a program at Chapel of Lights, Anglican church of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra, Nigeria, which I attended. And the Reverend, Rev. Osondu, advised anyone involved in cult activities to come out for denouncing prayers. Then, I ran for my dear life to the altar. And since then my life has been never the same. I didn’t only discover myself, but God gave me a new life.

If you want to change the society, do it with a group that is open to the public and share the same thoughts, visions, and goals as you.

Please feel free to comment your views.

Thank you.

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