Have You Discovered Your Potential?


I remember those days, I used to stage people at ‘ukwu mango’ (mango tree) back at Igbariam campus of Anambra State University, now, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University of Nigeria. I was such a talkative, wait… no I’m still a talkative though. But the difference now, is that I don’t talk for nothing.

I’ve channeled my potential of talking into writing because I’m a fast talker and most times people hardly make meaning out of what I’m saying, and had to always tell me to slow down. At that moment, I already knew that ‘news casting’, wasn’t for me. I love keeping people entertained with talking because that’s the only thing that makes me happy, mostly in sharing knowledge or ideas. But how can I earn a living with talking?

Seeing that I’m a fast talker and most times my speeches ain’t clear, and being in love with oral entertainment because I have so much to say, and I’m always happy doing it.

I realized I was studying the wrong course ‘Political science’, and already in the 2nd year heading to the 3rd year. How can I convince my parents to see a reason for me to drop out after spending so much? That kept bothering me till the ANSU strike of 2011 or so.

Upon the strike, ‘my father passed on’, so I needed not too much effort in convincing my mom about my intention of dropping, and coupled with my then involvement in ‘cult activities’, shocked? Click Here to read more;

I lied that the anti-cult was after me and I can’t go back to school, also lied to my then girlfriend that I stole some money from the office of the hod and was expelled from school. All these because I don’t want anyone to convince me of going back to the school, to continue with a course I see no future in because of ‘Nigerian’s political structure and negligence for democracy and human rights. N:B. I’m not a liar, but sometimes in life one has to lie one’s way out when necessary, especially when it has to do with one’s future and ambition.

I dropped out and stayed at home for two years doing nothing, except equipping my mindset with what I want to do with my life. Knowing I could do a lot, but opportunities were rare. ‘That’s Nigeria for you’.

I left for South Africa, with help of the friend I narrated my experience with, in my documentary article titled “immigration crisis in South Africa?

Life was never easy here, but as I said all I needed was an opportunity. I came in contact with many opportunities in South Africa, that varies from Acting to Solar technician. I could have gone full time into Acting, but remember I’m a fast talker.

As a novice in the entertainment industry, I started with screenplay after series of short courses on screen writing, because I couldn’t study full time, coupled with the immigration problems that centralized on type of visa I came with. But knowing what I want in life, I didn’t let the issue of not affording a full time course demoralize me from my quest of being a ‘public writer’.

…And today, here I am telling my story.

Some people are still pondering on the reason I left the ‘University’ almost some months to graduation.

But the ‘truth’ is that, it was a ‘willful’ act. If I had graduated in ‘political science’, I wouldn’t have been here today sharing my stories on how to ‘discover oneself’.

What is your potential? Have you discovered it? What makes you happy in life when you are doing it?

Share your thoughts and ‘Nzubes Truth’, can help you achieve your dreams with those potentials and land you at your place of destiny.

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