AFRICA — Who Did This To Us?

I don’t know who did this to us. We as ‘Africans’, have the mindset of believing ‘we don’t carry one another along’, and the rich is always getting richer as poor is getting poorer.

And I, Nzube Okafor, took it upon myself to correct some misconceptions in this continent (Africa), regards our inability to carry one another along. But not before embarking on a journey that left me broke for 4 years. No paying job! Yes, I work but I get little or no payment because of the country I found myself in.

But considering the fact that I never expected the journey to be an easy one, I developed the ability to be patient in order to persevere. Others were making money, through many risky means in order to foot their bills and support their families at home. In fact, most of the troubles Africans found themselves in, outside one’s country in some cases are promoted by the pressures from home.

At this point, I saw a need in telling my family the truth of what abroad is all about, especially for one that is still in African soil, which they understood. That is the advantage of coming from a good background.

Realizing the limitations in getting a good paid job, I started equipping the potentials that exist within me.

Now, I thought what if I don’t wake the cautiousness of ‘YOU’! My social media friends to join me on this mission of “Discovering Oneself”, wouldn’t it amount to most of you thinking I’m a selfish person in the nearest future?, probably when you wouldn’t see me in this platform again to be writing this. (Which) would be tantamount to the mindset of “We(Africans)don’t carry one another along.”

The question is, do we (Africans), want to follow? We have a huge sense of undermining in our mentalities, that we tend not to see the truth or intelligence in what other people are saying.

If you ‘my social media friends’ couldn’t click like or visit my blog that I’ve been sharing for quite some days now, in order to keep us inspired and enlightened. Then you’ve done little or less in proving me wrong about the ‘African sense of undermining’. Thus, leaving me with no option than to reshuffle my friend list.

I’m not doing it out of pride or arrogance. NO!, I’m a selfless being that sees the need in mass interaction, to address public issues at large and be able to share from our individual experiences.

Thank You.

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  1. The need to arouse the appetite of the African youths on the need to be productive remains top on my agenda. For one to disclose the truth means we are ready for the criticism that will come as a result of the arousal.

    I strongly believe in the African youths development potentials, and this is one of the many reasons why in my community I organize an offline coaching club called Good spirit initiative. This gave me the opportunity to serve as a social re-engineering tool.

    Believe me our youths are hard working! Very enterprising and making good use of our brains to think out ideas that will keep us busy.

    In my quest for understanding I found out that the best way to discover our talents, potentials, and God given gifts lies in helping others find there’s. Service to one another opens our minds to things we can do, how to do it and when to start. Possibilities are endless, so as the level of our believability.

    Whatever you set your mind to do, believe me, you will achieve it, because determination births success.

    Let me close by saying this, “For our voice to be heard, we have to keep spreading the message of truth”. If we don’t speak, we wouldn’t be heard, and when we speak and no one looks our way, we have to see it as one of the many challenges in speaking the truth!

    Keep spreading the message of Truth

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