‘I Can’t WRITE’ — Who Is a ‘PUBLIC WRITER’?


The question, “why can’t you write?”, is always my address to issues of, “I can’t write!” Confused? Don’t be. I’ll break it down. Writing, as the ability to convey knowledge, ideas, thoughts or communication in general, in a legible pattern without the use of oral speech, is beyond our day to day communication as people. Especially, for one that aspires to be a ‘public writer’.

Who is a ‘Public writer’? A public writer is one who addresses societal issues through the use of writing.

Haven said ‘societal issues’, I want to specifically say we live in a very unhealthy society where we are faced with diverse problems that vary from political crisis, educational problems, family issues and everyday challenges as people.

In fact some people often take to social media platforms to seek for, advice, ideas, knowledge, wisdom, encouragement, inspiration and guidelines to address their everyday issues that vary from, domestic violence, child abuse, depression, frustration and marriage/relationship problems.

And they take to social media with the belief that someone out there have gone through what they are going through, and perhaps they can learn from the experiences they share, that’s why people often join different groups on social media platforms.

Now how do a ‘public writer’, come in? A public writer is that person that could have shared this knowledge, and experiences, ‘ebulliently’.

I used the word ‘ebulliently’, to describe the joy and fulfillment that comes within someone that shares his or her knowledge and experiences, enthusiastically.

But those ‘public writers’, are still, thus, under the shackles of the mediocreness of the mind, that makes them build a wall between their experiences and the ability to share it. Why? Because they believe they still don’t have what it takes to convey knowledge, ideas, and experiences in a legible pattern.

We often say that, “people do not read anymore”, and our education system is dying because nobody wants to read. And I ask, “what if there’s nothing to read?.”

Only but few people understand the essence of writing, others have resorted to sharing their ideas and knowledge through videos, which consumes lots of ‘Mb’s’ and ‘GB’s’ to watch, and the most important people the knowledge and ideas were meant for might end up not watching it, because of data cost.

Now, you that is sitting down reading this, “why don’t you want to share those great ideas, encouragements, inspirations and knowledge?”

Those educative lines? Those experience that brought you to where you are today? You passed through those experiences, and survived because you are meant to help someone today!

People are interested in the solutions to the problems, your grammatical errors doesn’t matter. What matters is the idea and the problems you are solving.

Write it to the best of your ability and be happy that you did. “Even if nobody likes it, it’s helping somebody.” And one day you’d be rewarded for doing so, because you don’t know who you just helped.

Why don’t you sit down and help somebody today?

Quote Of The Day;

“Even if nobody likes it, it’s helping somebody.”

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