Who Murdered Our Democracy?

Staying apolitical is one phenomenon I dread most and will never indulge in, not after seeing the four corners of political science department of the then ANSU, now Chukwumemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University.

And was lectured by the person’s of, O.B.C Nwankwo (Ph.D.), Prof. Chike Osegbou, Jaja Nwanegbo, Prof. Ikenna Alumona, Chidozie Ezeozou (HOD), and Agari Nwokoye. These are men who know and understands the act of politics and had taken to the classrooms to impact the knowledge on young and future leaders of Nigeria.

They opened my eyes as to see that teaches, the contents of the handouts and textbooks were very different from politics of practice in Nigeria, thus knowing that Nigeria is not a true democratic country because what’s written on the textbooks are totally different from what we are seeing today, otherwise known as politics.

Why? Because we have corrupt politicians that do not stick to political rules, norms, and sanctions, thereby making Nigerian political arena look like a play ground for kindergartens pupil’s.

I’m one person that believes no time is too late to make a change.

We need a change in our polity! Being a member of WGSA (Writer’s Guild of South Africa), I can vividly say, I have no interest in Nigerian politics just like any other Nigerian in Diaspora, of which some are agitating for Biafran referendum which is definitely not a cure to our political maniac as we’d still have the same calibers of people perpetuating themselves in power.

At this juncture it’s very crucial to categorically state what we need as a people. Do we need Biafra? Or one Nigeria with a good, positive, energetic, articulated and incorruptible leader?,

A Leader that can lead us to the path of progress and change our political system to the better, and create rooms for our young graduate to get involved in today’s politics, install them in public offices mostly the ones that had spent years in obtaining both B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D. in political science, Public Administration, Economics, Business Management and other academic field of studies that are related to society building.

It’s time for us to rise as young, educated elites of this generation and say, No! To political dictatorship, to post election malpractices, to ‘party prostitution’, yes! Their intention of prostituting from one party to the other, is to confuse the masses.

Let us as, ‘Young Nigerians’, support the movement of ‘Kingsley Moghalu’. I’d rather say, God has heard our cries for true democracy, and now it’s time for us to come together and use our rights as citizens of ‘Nigeria ‘, judiciously.

The grass is green. Let’s join hands together and make it greener!

“I Pledge To Nigeria My Country.”

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