Who Are You?

In a fast changing and developing world, there’s always a need for one to introduce oneself to society.  “If the society doesn’t count you, count yourself “.

Most people have the divinity in their mentalities to come up with creative ideas that can make the world take a handsome radiance, most especially our mother “Africa.”

But the thought of how?, always hinders us from portraying our knowledge to society.

* How can I say it?

* How can I arrange the grammatical expression?

* How will they react?

And many how’s, but today I’m telling you, you can! You can share that great idea! You can bring up that knowledge! Nothing hinders you. One doesn’t need high ‘epistemological or terminological’ grammatical expressions, to covey brilliant ideas to the public.

Say it anyhow you can! Write it anyhow you can! Some can laugh and others can make a joke of it, but trust me, it’s definitely helping someone out there.

Most of us really don’t know who we are, and what we can do, and the abilities we possess to move ourselves forward. Why? That is because, we still undermine ourselves. When we don’t believe in ourselves, how can others believe in us?.

At this juncture, it is good for one to discover oneself, know who you are, know what you can do, and think of what you can offer to society.

“Some people attain greatness by priceless things they offer to society”.

In my next write-up, we’ll be discussing , “how to discover who we are”.

I want to use this platform ‘Nzubes Truth’, as a place we can always meet at our leisure time to discuss how to better our society, and as well, ‘discover ourselves’.

This platform is irrespective of your religion or your race. There’s need to bring the ‘World‘, together,  and together we can learn and move forward.

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