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Open Letter To Nigerians

There’s need in wakening our cautiousness as not to let the opportunity of making the right decision at this moment to slip our fingers.

Without hurting anyone’s calmness or resurrecting his/her anger with this article, instead, to sensitize us on the need of doing the needful.

In a Country that is Societal Unequal, money is not widely in circulation and poverty has become the order of the day. (Frustrations) has eaten deep into our minds that we no longer see the way forward.

We need A Leader with a very Different, New and Bold Vision for Nigeria, so that we can experience something that is quite different from what we are used to, from the Career Politicians.

And here is a young man that had spent 17 years working for the United Nations, as the Director in the world organization. Served in New York Headquarter, served in Croatia, Tanzania  and Switzerland.

Was engaged in Nation building, fixing broken societies, risk management and management reforms in the UN.

He resigned from the UN in 2008, at the thought of moving into Private Sector, and set up a Consulting Firm in Switzerland. Advising global corporations, trying to invest them in emerging market, advising them on global strategy, advising them on risk management.

He was doing this until Global Financial Crisis, happened. And was invited by the then President, President Umaru Yaradua, and the CBN governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, to become deputy governor of the Central Bank;

He came into the world of finance via the route of risk management, and development finance. That was how he came into finance in CBN as Deputy Governor in 2009. He spent five to ten years at the bank, after which he was appointed a Professor of the practice of International Business and Public Policy at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in Massachusetts, USA.

He has taught, trained and inspired graduated students from more than 40 Countries in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Men and women who will go on to leadership roles in their countries in careers from business, government service, from non-profits to military intelligence.

After some couple of years at the University, he wondered why he’s spending time building other societies, building leaders who will lead other countries.  He decided to come back home, and was very dissatisfied with the narrative of poverty in Nigeria.

He realized he’s personal success is not an issue, in a society where everyone around you is poor and looking for a Hand — Out, instead of a hand-up.

It means the political leadership class has failed. He concluded that Nigeria needs a radically different type of leadership. A leadership that organize and understands how to achieve economic transformation and take Nigeria from poverty to prosperity.

And I believe his background can help him do that. We have a society that is broken, and needs to be fixed. We keep sinking, and everyone keeps the quiet like all is well.

Let’s come out in mass and join hands to fight the battle ahead. We can do it if we believe we can. Let’s support KINGSLEY MOGHALU, FOR President 2019.

We can together transform our Country to “A NATION.”

Thank you.

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