Land Expropriation Without Compensation?

Haven fought and defeated apartheid in South Africa, is land expropriation a way of revenge? Can't it be settled properly? Regardless of the pains and injuries of the past, "never let a labourer, labour in vain". It doesn't only bring curse in the land, it Mars the future! We are talking about land here, given... Continue Reading →

Living In Your Mind?

As crazy as it may sound, I don't know how many people that believes in this, but I really do. Living in one's mind. Those around you might think you are going crazy or something, but deep down you are okay. But you have a lot of imaginary thoughts going on your mind. And you... Continue Reading →

Societal Abuse Of Marriage

Marriage is far beyond getting married and making children, there's something called 'building a home', so for those that are ready to settle down, if you know you ain't ready to build a home then do yourself a little good and don't rush in because you ain't ripe for marriage. Building a home is more... Continue Reading →

Human Investment

When you make it to the next level, look out for those on a level you once were.” “Paying it forward” is a profound, a powerful practice. 'Human Investment', is one phenomenon most people don't understand. As iron sharpens iron, so do humans should help their fellow humans in achieving their dreams. Nobody climbs a... Continue Reading →

Belief System – Preview And Publish

As we live our lives, so do our Creator live with us to witness what becomes of what 'He' created. "We are nothing but pencil in the hand of the Creator". Preview; unlike the access one has in editing a page before publishing. Or, a foretaste of something, something seeing in advance. When our belief... Continue Reading →

Belief System – Sacrifice And Review

There's price for every greatness. And before one attains certain heights in life, there are prices one must pay. These prices varies from sacrificing who one used to be, in order to become who one aspires to be. And also doing things one doesn't used to do in order to become a new being. Sacrifice:... Continue Reading →

Belief System – Source And Authority

You will agree with me that, there's source of energy or power supply for any component, be it PC, TV,  or any electronic device, you must connect it to a source of energy before it can power on. And these sources differs from, National grid, Solar energy, battery system, to generator set. Just like flower... Continue Reading →

Belief System – Theme And Construction

Theme: As one of the principles of belief system, unlike mere theme of topic, subject of talk, or an artistic piece. Consists of the individual's ambition and the impact of the ambition to the society. So it's necessary for one to thoroughly extinguish any part of the theme that will be of negative impact to... Continue Reading →

Belief system – Copyright And Purchase

Copyright: As a right or law that proves an entity's ownership of a product. Thus, gives one the right to determine who may print, publish or distribute one's product, piece of writing, music, picture or other work of authorship. Means a different thing to my theory of 'belief system', Copyright; as the first principle in... Continue Reading →

Belief System – Introduction

I don't know what you've been or were taught at school, regards 'belief system'. But I tell you, most of those theories propounded by 'Ancient Philosophers', have no factual historical background, especially applying them in this modern time. And some of us really don’t know how 'belief system' works, or have less or no knowledge... Continue Reading →

Giving It Back To Society

Haven attended a great height in life, and knowing that there are people in the level you were once before, it's important to touch their lives as you would have wished someone touched yours during the journey of your greatness. That is one of the essence of life, no investment can be greater than 'human... Continue Reading →

Living Your Dream!

Assuming you have discovered your potential, nurtured and lunched it. You are now where you are supposed to be. Living your dream, means arriving at your aspired place in life. Where you have imagined being and work hard to climb the ladder. How do you remain there? It might appear as a simple question, but... Continue Reading →

Paying Honor To Whom Honor Is Due

It might not make sense, but I'm really humbled to write this guys. I'm saying a 'Big welcome to my blog'. Writing is one thing, but having someone to read is the most crucial thing. I appreciate each one of you that have taken time to go through my posts, regardless of my grammatical blunders... Continue Reading →

Launching Your Potential

Every positive step in life, is nothing but a stepping stone to greatness. Now you have what is required of greatness. The 'nurtured potential'! How nurtured is your potential? Are you ready to launch now or still afraid? Rise above your 'FEAR', and regard it as 'False Evidence About Reality'. The moment you conquer your... Continue Reading →

This is who I am!

I'm living my life. Are you living your life? Where do you derive your joy from? Are you happy with yourself? If your answer to all these questions is in deformation then you really need to straighten them, because that's who you are! You can't run away from yourself. Don't blame God or say your... Continue Reading →

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